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Are you looking to convert your loft to a stunning addition to your home? You may want some tips on the subject. There are many things that you can do to utilize loft space and transform your home. Transforming your loft space, you will add value to your home. There are many things that you can do with the space and a good design. You may want a loft suite or study, whatever it may be it can and probably has been done. A loft conversion can add a lot of space to your home.

loft conversion London

You will want to find a reliable company with a proven reputation. A good loft conversion company will help you go through the design process and advice you on the options that are available to convert your loft space. If need be they should be able to help you in advising your neighbours before starting the project.

You will first have to meet and discuss the design options that are available for the space in your loft. Once you have decided on the design you will be ready to get started on the project. You will want to decide on dormers, bathroom finishes and other finishing touches as well.

When the design process is finished and all the appropriate permitting measures and advisement of your neighbours have been met, you will be ready to have professional tradesmen commence on the construction your new loft conversion.

The first thing that the tradesmen will do is erect scaffolding to be able to work on the loft of your home. If the job requires, your home will also be water proof by scaffolding and the appropriate tarps before the job is started. Many loft conversions may require the removal of roofing and rafters before the conversion of your loft can begin.

Once the roofing and rafters have been removed (if needed), the tradesmen will then start on your loft conversion by installing the appropriate steel beam supports. The steel beaming is what will support your new loft conversion as many lofts will not support the weight of the finished loft conversion without steel support. This is due to the fact that they may not have been designed to support finished space when you home was originally designed.

After the steel beams have been installed, the tradesmen that are working on your loft addition will then start on the wood framing. They will install, wood stud framing, floor and ceiling joists, dormers and rafters. This will be the “first fix” of your finished loft conversion and it will now be ready for plumbing, electric and insulation installation.

loft conversion

After all the mechanical have been installed your loft conversion is now ready for plaster board and plaster. Then the finishing touches like paint, faucets and doors. Your loft will soon be finished and ready for you to start enjoying it.


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